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Portland Kia Brake Change & Repair Service

Portland Kia Brake and Repair Service

Best Brake Repair and Replacement Service in Portland

Kia of Portland takes a measurement of the thickness of your brakes on every service visit. The performance and functionality of your brake system is essential for you and your family’s safety. We take the time to do the job right, and we check the entire system’s components. Your brakes should always be inspected at an authorized dealer like Kia of Portland, your vehicle may also need to be inspected.

Brake pads sit on each side of the rotor. When you apply the brakes, the pads contact the rotor to stop the car. If the pads wear down too far, it will damage your rotors.

We use only the best in diagnostic equipment, and all of our parts are factory certified.

Kia of Portland in Portland, Oregon offers complete brake service and new brakes near Beaverton, OR. We use genuine Kia replacement parts to make sure your vehicle stops like new.

We are often asked how long brakes last. Do you hear a screeching or grinding sound when you step on the brake? How long do you keep your foot on the pedal when coming to a stop? It’s probably time to bring it in for a check-up. This means it’s time to get new brakes – the pads are near the end of their life. At this point, the brakes are no longer effective and the car is dangerous.

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